Rosa Antike And Clematis ‘Doctor Ruppel’

rose 'Antike' and clematis 'Doctor Ruppel'


4.5 Litre Pot and 3 Litre Pot

This climber duo features the climbing Rosa Antike and Clematis ‘Doctor Ruppel’, for the perfect companion plants that accentuate vertical space.

You will receive:

1 x 4.5L Pot Rosa Antike: This vigorous, showstopping climbing rose produces full looking, rose pink flowers that are white at the petals throat. Grow against a sunny wall near the house to make the most of its subtle fragrance. The densley packed blossoms are as popular with bees as they are with gardeners.

1 x 3L Clematis ‘Doctor Ruppel’: A profusion of bi-coloured pink flowers brings a showy garden display from May. Delicately wavy, pink petals bear a deep pink central stripe. Ideal for planting in patio containers, ‘Doctor Ruppel’ looks just as impressive trained up a pergola or archway. Pruning group 2.

Hand selected by our carefully chosen Rose and Climber specialist, all of these specimens have been grown at a trusted nursery site in Worcestershire. Together, we are bringing you one of the most comprehensive ranges of Clematis and climbers in the UK, plus a bounty of gardening know-how. Keep your eyes peeled for tips, tricks and top picks. Climber products will be dispatched separately from the rest of your order.

Rose and Climber will be dispatched separately from the rest of your order.
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