Plant Health Policy

Boningale Limited is a producer and supplier of Hardy Nursery Stock to the amenity landscape and retail sectors, and a supplier of plants and substrates to the green roofing industry.

Boningale Ltd is committed to operating and working in a manner that promotes good plant health as far as it is reasonable and practicable to do so, by ensuring that relevant plant health regulations are known and understood, ensuring that staff are trained and able to carry out the duties required of them by the Company’s Plant Health Management System and that the Company’s suppliers are selected with due consideration to plant health. Boningale Ltd is committed to continual improvement of its Plant Health Management System.

Boningale Ltd will endeavour to comply with its Plant Health Management System standards, governmental regulations, and customer requirements now and in the future.

It is the responsibility of the Managing Director to implement this policy, liaising with all Directors, Plant Health Representatives and Departmental Managers who within their areas of responsibility give full support to the Directors. The Directors and Managers will ensure that they and their staff are made aware of Plant Health issues that might be affected and influenced by company activities.

This will be achieved by:

Boningale will make this policy available to all staff, customers, suppliers, contractors and the general public.

Tim Edwards