Environmental Policy

Boningale Limited

Boningale Limited is a producer and supplier of Hardy Nursery Stock to the amenity landscape and retail sectors and a supplier of plants and substrates to the green roofing industry. Boningale Ltd group operates a number of trading divisions and this policy covers the activities of Boningale Nurseries and Worfield Plants.

Boningale is committed to operating and working in a manner that protects the environment as far as it is reasonable and practicable to do so by preventing pollution, reducing environmental risk, conserving energy, natural resources, maximising recycling, and minimising waste and is committed to continual improvement.

Boningale will endeavour to comply with the Environmental Management System standards, industry codes of practice, and customer requirements now and in the future.

It is the responsibility of the Managing Director to implement this policy, liaising with all Directors, Environmental Manager and Departmental Managers who within their area of responsibility give full support to the Directors. The Directors and Managers will ensure that they and their staff are made aware of environmental issues that might be affected and influenced by nursery activities.

This will be achieved by:

– Maintaining an Environmental Management System.
– Full co-operation from all Directors and employees.
– Promotion of environmental awareness amongst all employees and provision of sufficient levels of training to allow them to meet their environmental responsibilities.
– Regular review of relevant legislation and other requirements to ensure compliance.
– Meeting and where reasonably practicable exceeding the requirements of all applicable environmental legislation and regulations.
– Continuing waste reduction, reuse, and recycling activities wherever practicable.
– Improving the efficiency of energy use within the organisation wherever practicable.
– Improving the efficiency of water use within the organisation wherever practicable.
– Conducting regular reviews of performance against the above and to be proactive in our approach to future improvements.
– Setting environmental targets, objectives and performance indicators.
– Procuring growing media responsibly where practicable.
– Producing crops responsibly following current Codes of Practice, legislation, assessing risks to the environment, and taking into consideration sustainability of products used.
– Promoting and encouraging ecological diversity in planting schemes through specialist advice and growing a wide range of approved plant species to encourage wildlife and biodiversity.
– The policy will be maintained and checked on an annual basis to keep it up to date.

Boningale will make this policy available to all staff, customers, suppliers, contractors and the general public.

Jeremy King

Managing Director

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