Plant Knowledge

It’s National Plant Health Week 2021!

It’s no secret that we love plants. In fact, we can’t live without them! Plants sustain life and joy, but only when they are healthy, which is why this week is so important. National Plant Health Week, celebrated this year from the 10th to the 16th of May, is dedicated to discovering why plant health matters and the threats plants face, to encourage more people to protect the natural world around us.

The Importance Of Plants

Healthy plants matter! We often overlook the vital role that plants play in the world. They are essential for life, a crucial resource that we rely on to live.

There are many benefits that healthy plants and trees bring:

  • Producing the food we eat
  • Providing oxygen
  • Fighting climate change
  • Reducing pollution
  • Providing homes for wildlife
  • Supporting wellbeing

From forests right to our own back gardens, celebrating the specimens that make up the beautiful landscapes we see in everyday life and protecting them from harmful pests and diseases is more important than ever.

What Can You Do To Help?

  • Don’t bring back plants and cuttings from trips abroad. This can result in bringing back a plant pest or disease.
  • Look out for any unusual symptoms on plants and trees and report any that you see.
  • Buy from reputable sources that offer transparency of where the stock comes from, ideally home grown – like us!

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Good Gardening

Practicing good plant health can start right at home. Here are some top tips for looking after the plants in your home and garden:

  • Look after your soil and add organic matter as needed.
  • Ensure you position your plants in a big enough hole or container, spaced apart so they don’t have to compete against each other.
  • Choose the right plant for your site. Take certain factors into consideration, such as the soil type and the amount of sunlight a spot in your garden receives, to choose plants best suited for your conditions.
  • Water your plants regularly. Seedlings and young plants will need watering more regularly, along with plants in containers and sunny areas. However, more isn’t always best! Ensure soil doesn’t get waterlogged as this could promote root rot.
  • Feed your plants during their growing season.
  • Keep an eye on pests like slugs, snails and aphids, to help keep your plants safe.
  • Dead head and prune your plants.


We can all do our bit to keep the nation’s incredible plants healthy and thriving.

Happy gardening!