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Potted Bulbs: Your Spring-Flowering Bulb Solution

If you’re a little late preparing your spring-flowering bulbs this year, you may now struggle to find quality loose bulbs. Don’t worry, though, we have a great solution for you: pre-potted bulbs!

Aim for a mix of specimens to optimise the colour and floral interest on display in your garden.

Our Top Potted Bulbs Planting Tips:

  1. To create a naturalised look, plant potted bulbs in irregular groups of 3 and 5
  2. Plant these potted bulbs to the same depth as the soil in the pots they arrive in
  3. For best results, sprinkle rootgrow bulb starter into your planting hole, before adding your bulbs

Sink these potted bulbs, in their pots, into planted containers for seasonal bursts of colour.

Once they’ve finished flowering, why not remove and replace for summer flowering bulbs?