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Great Plants

It’s Time To Get Gardening

Spring is just around the corner, so if you have been looking for motivation to get back in your garden, this is it! There are plants promising scent, flowers and texture available now – why not make the most of them?

Here are our current favourite plants that pack a seasonal punch:

For Scent: Sarcococca confusa

When we think of sweet-smelling things in our garden havens, we most likely conjure an image of sunshine-dappled summer days. Whilst summer is an amazing time for garden scent, winter can be equally rewarding with the right plants.

Sarcococca confusa, also (aptly) known as ‘sweet box’, emits sensual, sweet fragrance in winter. If you love the idea of this scent following you around the garden, try planting them near pathways. Alternatively, place them near to doorways and other entrances for an enveloping sensory greeting as you leave or return to your home.

Sarcococca is easy to grow. Once you have planted it, it doesn’t need much attention – it is hardy and performs well in partial to full shade.

Flowering Soon: Bergenia ‘Bressingham White’ (AGM)

In just a few weeks’ time, this perennial will bring a fabulous floral show to your green spaces. Clusters of wonderful, white, bell-shaped flowers (complete with pink-blush on younger plants) will soon bloom and it won’t be long before pollinators aplenty arrive.

‘Bressingham White’ is happiest in full to partial shade and ideal for flower beds and borders, or as ground cover. This lovely variety also thrives in areas which are normally difficult to grow in.

Texture: Asplenium scolopendrium

Texture may primarily relate to the sense of touch, but you can easily see the gorgeous textural elements of hart’s tongue fern, too. Its fronds unfurl in spring, when you can most clearly make out the wavy-edging, and its green lustre.

Asplenium’s upright habit makes it ideal for flower beds and borders, or for use as ground cover. It is fully hardy, and will continue to thrive even in full shade.

There are plenty of plants out there that will soon be bringing scent, flowers and texture in abundance, so start planning and planting.

Happy Gardening!