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Flowering Now – Walk The Nursery With Us

Despite being late in the season, our nursery is awash with colour. There’s nothing we love more than a nursery site walk, especially with so many bright and cheery blooms out in force!

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your boots and join us for a walk around the nursery…

First stop: the greenhouse. With a long flowering season, enchanting Echinaceas are a popular addition to prairie, wildlife and cottage garden planting schemes. Blooming throughout summer and autumn, they are an ideal addition to charming gardens with their prolonged interest. Gardeners and pollinators alike are drawn towards their large daisy-like blooms and prominent cone-shaped centres, proudly held on upright, sturdy stems. The drooping white petals of ‘White Swan’ bring elegance to borders, standing out against the backdrop of green foliage. For extra colour, cast your eyes towards the rosy petals of Echinacea purpurea ‘Magnus’ or ‘Mellow Yellow’ for a multitude of golden yellow tones. We can’t help but imagine what a gorgeous cut flower these would be…

2. Crocosmia Lucifer

As we leave the greenhouse and walk alongside the polytunnels, we are swept away by the dazzling display of Crocosmia Lucifer. A vivid sea of bright red flower sprays creates a captivating sight. This herbaceous perennial makes quite the impact with its fiery flower tones and green pleated leaves, all whilst growing to 1.5m tall. Plant this award-winner in swathes through a border to replicate the intense drama of its presence in the nursery.

3. Verbena bonariensis

From a sea of red to a sea of purple, what follows is just as spectacular. Tall, narrow stems, flattened clusters of small purple flowers and the flutter of butterfly wings can only mean one thing: Verbena bonariensis! Perfect for this time of the year, this plant blooms from late summer and well into autumn, beneficial for both wildlife and interest in the garden.

4. Rudbeckia ‘Summerina Orange’

As we turn our heads to the right, we are welcomed by the eye-catching sight of ‘Summerina Orange’. Providing weeks of colour from summer into autumn, this Rudbeckia produces large orange flowers that become a darker rusty tone towards the brown central cone. A great addition to beds and borders, it also makes a bold cut flower.

5. Dahlia ‘Dreamy Nights’

The Rudbeckias and Dahlias are really putting on an impressive display. We are drawn to the rich colours and the sumptuous blooms of this part of the nursery, and Dahlia ‘Dreamy Nights’ is not one to pass by! Velvety dark red petals, edged with neon pink, are arranged in a double row around an open centre with bright yellow stamens. A real showstopper, its captivating blooms are held above dark foliage – a great contrast against the fresh green backdrop of Rudbeckia.

6. Geranium ‘Rozanne’

A cheery carpet of ‘Rozanne’ awaits us in the next row of flower beds. This lovely cranesbill is in bloom with beautiful saucer-shaped flowers in shades of purple-blue. Excellent for ground cover or the front of borders, this herbaceous perennial is a welcome addition for pollinators, too.

7. Aster frikartii ‘Mönch’

Next up is Aster frikartii ‘Mönch’, gracing gardeners with its joyful daisy-like blooms. Its lavender-purple flowers are arranged around a bright and cheery yellow centre.

8. Lythrum

It’s hard to resist the beauty of Lythrum, especially when there’s three gorgeous varieties: ‘Blush’, ‘Rosy Gem’ and ‘Robert’. These distinctive perennials create a eye-catching, picturesque display of racemes in shades of pink.

9. Verbena ‘Santos Purple’

From bees to butterflies, Verbenas are proving to be popular with pollinators on our nursery walk. An invaluable addition to  mixed borders and wildlife gardens, the bright purple flower clusters of ‘Santos Purple’ offer months of bold colour.

10. Coreopsis ‘Zagreb’

Coreopsis ‘Zagreb’ creates a zingy contrast against Verbena ‘Santos Purple’.  Prized by gardeners for its bright colours, this tickseed blooms with masses of yellow daisies.


Looking for more inspiration? Check out our Flowering Now collection for a full tour of the gorgeous flowers in bloom.

Happy gardening!