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Advanced Order Lines

Advanced order lines have arrived! And pre-ordering your favourite varieties couldn’t be easier.

Autumn and winter are a great time to take stock of your garden and make plans for the following year. Luckily, we’re here to help!

Why’s it a Good Idea to Buy in Advance?

  • Plan ahead – Cement your 2022 garden plans, so that when your plants arrive next year, all you have to do is grab your spade and get gardening!
  • Visualise – Picture how your garden plant combinations will work together by ordering in one go. Fill your online wheelbarrow with colour and texture to help bring your plans to life.
  • Beat the rush – Have you missed out on a Worfield product? Get ahead of the game with pre-order and ensure you don’t miss out on your next must-have. Don’t forget: you can subscribe to our email newsletters (at the bottom of the page) to keep up to date on new introductions and news from our nursery.
  • Cost-effective – Save on postage by ordering items dispatched at different times without being charged multiple times for delivery.
  • Garden ready – Receive your new, well-established additions at the optimum time for planting.

Our Advanced Order Range

Our range of pre-order plants are available to order now, ready for dispatch week beginning Monday 7th March 2022, weather permitting.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites from the collection – as we know choosing is the hard part!

Agapanthus feature heavily in our pre-order collection, making great additions to gardens and cut flower displays with their striking spherical flower heads. The alluring Agapanthus Jack’s Blue delights pollinators and gardeners alike with large, deep purple-blue flowers atop tall, upright stems. 

Another popular garden addition is Echinacea, with plenty of colours to choose from! We’ve picked out Echinacea ‘Irresistible’ for its truly unique double flowers. Erect stems bear recognisable orange-pink daisy-like flowers, with the addition of ruffled petals that create a fun pompom like centre. For more traditional forms of charming coneflowers, we love varieties like Echinacea ‘Green Jewel’ and Echinacea ‘White Swan’ just as much!

Spoilt for choice with Geraniums, we have opted to focus on the gorgeous Geranium ‘Daily Purple’. Its clumps of dark green foliage form an attractive carpet of groundcover, turning a fiery orange in autumn. Its leaves become decorated with an abundance of purple flowers, heavily veined in black which adds to its brooding charm. For a double flower variety, check out the super hardy and pretty Geranium himalayense ‘Plenum’.

Let’s venture into the world of foliage. Bring a wonderful texture and vibrancy to your garden with the green-striped, bright yellow foliage of Hakonechloa macrophylla ‘Aureola’. This low-growing, ornamental grass forms gently arching leaves, perfect for softening hard landscaping along the edges of paths or combining with other plants. 

Polystichum munitum is a resilient evergreen fern with an arch of narrow green fronds. Commonly known as the Western sword fern, its foliage resembles such shapes. One of two ferns currently available for advanced order, Asplenium scolopendrium is another must-have in our eyes for its tropical looking and, unusually for ferns, undivided fronds.


Ready to discover more? Explore all our advanced order lines by clicking here, to fill your garden with interest next year.

Happy gardening!