Good Gardening

What do we mean by “Good Gardening?”

Here at Worfield, we love to throw around the phrase, “good gardening, great plants”. But what do we mean by “good gardening”?

“Good gardening” means planting healthy, happy plants in the right place, at the right time.

To help you achieve this, we:

Prioritise plant health

We take plant health seriously. We take the necessary steps to offer you quality plants with the best possible chance of surviving and thriving.

Sell at a horticulturally appropriate time of year

There is a right and wrong time to plant certain varieties. Selling at the right time removes this worry for you.

What does 'Good Gardening' mean to Worfield Plants?

Provide garden-ready sizes

Our plants are established, so you can plant them as soon as you’re ready to get gardening. Think of the pot sizes you’d find in your local garden centre!

Equip you with knowledge and confidence

We love sharing pretty plant photos and descriptions, but we go beyond that. We want to share our know-how to help you look after your new plants successfully.


As the saying goes: plant knowledge is plant power. Happy gardening!