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Wet Weather Focus: Dealing With Heavy Garden Rain

On paper, rain is great for our plants and gardens; it is refreshing, revitalising and rejuvenating. But too much rain can be problematic.

Shake the water off of your umbrella and settle in for our guide to dealing with heavy rain in your garden.

Immediately after heavy rainfall

  • Avoid standing on wet soil where possible. Additional pressure will increase the risk of compaction.
  • Check drains and the surrounding areas for potential blockage sources.
  • Rain may wash away beneficial nutrients for your plants. When the soil is workable again, add some organic fertiliser to replenish their feed.

Gardening in wet weather | Plants for heavy rain

Future planning

Choosing and positioning the right plants in the right areas of your garden can transform rain impact.

  • Opt for varieties such as Cornus and Salix; they are great at removing excess water from the soil.
  • Take a look at varieties such as Rodgersia ‘Bronze Peacock’ and Persicaria ‘Golden Arrow’ – these plants thrive in wet or boggy conditions.
  • Try introducing raised beds into your garden. Placing the soil above general ground levels will aid drainage.
  • If your garden is prone to flooding, research “rain gardens”. You’ll find some wonderful inspiration on how to tackle surface water runoff!

Good luck with gardening in the rain!