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Summer Garden Guide


As soon as we walk out of May and step into June, summer has arrived. This means a happy, healthy-looking garden is now a priority to create the perfect outdoor retreat. As days become longer and brighter, you can create a living extension designed to be a relaxing social space. Here is a guide to help you get the most out of your garden this summer.

Maintenance Memo


With high temperatures and dry periods, thorough rather than frequent watering is essential for moist soil and continual plant growth. We recommend watering your plants in the early morning or late evening to avoid evaporation. Take note that each plant has different water requirements depending on their size, texture, and location so it is worth getting to know your garden. Deficient growth, dull leaves and wilting are all signs your plant needs water.


If you want to get the most out of your plants, removing flower heads at the right time can encourage prolonged blooming and attraction. The easiest method is to pinch off the flowerhead between the finger and thumb or alternatively use a pair of scissors. Each plant often requires different care, so make sure to do some research first!


As summer arrives, mulch becomes an important component in soil moisture and reducing water usage. This supplement protects from erosion and feeds good bacteria into the soil encouraging plant growth and pest resistance. Bark chippings, compost and leaf mould are a few examples of mulch that will preserve the garden without affecting its natural beauty.


If there’s anything to prepare for this summer, it’s the little creatures ready to wreak havoc in your garden. Damage can be prevented by using healthy soil and organic fertiliser, along with chemical-free sprays and naturally-derived pesticides. Alternatively, opt for pest-resistant plants like Lavender and Chrysanthemums where possible for a beautiful pest-free zone.

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2022 Gardening Trends

If you’re up for a challenge or fancy experimenting with your garden this summer, here are the latest trends to inspire you this year.

Working With Small Space

There are no limits to building the perfect garden sanctuary. Think about what you want the purpose of your garden to be and plan how you can achieve this. Explore different plants in various colours, textures and forms to layer into an illusion of a wider space. Maximising space can also be achieved by planting in containers and patio pots. Take a look at our container gardening category for more inspiration. Moreover, soft furnishings and accessories can also show personality while creating depth and enjoyment.

A Rainbow Of Colour

A pop of colour can make a huge transformation to a garden, and it comes in many different forms. Try planting various flowers and foliage in contrasting colours, then decorate around them. Experiment with statement accessories and furniture, or even consider painting the fence or patio to create a characteristic backdrop for the plants. Multi-coloured flowers not only make a huge impact in the garden, but are also a huge attraction for pollinators. Add function to beauty by choosing Delosperma Wheels of Wonder® Salmony Pink or Delphinium ‘King Arthur’.


Sustainability has never been more of a crucial discussion. Protecting wildlife, using peat-free compost and conserving water are a few examples of how you can make a positive change to the environment. If you want to go the extra mile, find the nearest recycling scheme for unwanted pots, if they cannot be reused.

Grow Your Own

Enjoyable and rewarding, growing your own produce contributes towards an outdoor space to be proud of. June is an active month for the fruit and veg patch with a great selection ready to harvest. It is best to pick your culinary selections just before preparation to receive its highest quality and nutritional value.

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Transform your garden into a Summer Spectacular.

Happy Gardening!