Good Gardening

Small Budget, Big Impact

Can I create my dream garden on a budget? In short, of course you can! It’s actually simpler than you think, and patience will pay off with reward. With enough planning, preparation, and a read of this guide, you’ll become a savvy spender with a spectacular garden space.

1. Learn Gardening Basics

Before you make any costly mistakes, join the local gardening club or social media groups to learn the know-how and get advice from experienced gardeners. Also, take a look at our other blog posts we have written with tips to help you garden wisely.

2.  Seasonal Planting

Rather than simply looking for the cheapest plants on the market, it is worth investing in long-lasting seasonal plants that will thrive and continue to grow for years.

Perennials are a wise choice to grow on a budget as they will thrive for multiple years and can be separated and replanted. Hardy geraniums, Geums and Astrantias are all wonderful examples of plants that can be split at the roots, essentially giving you 3 plants rather than 1. Make sure you plant them at the right time of year with enough room for comfortable growth.

Planted in borders, herbaceous perennials like Agapanthus and Brunnera perform well year after year.

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3. Colourful Containers

Container gardening is an ideal budget-friendly method without limiting plant choice. Containers can be made from numerous household items including old jam jars, tins or buckets, which means they can fill any sized space at different heights. Add interest by painting containers with weatherproof paint that compliments the flowers going inside, creating an affordable, unique display.

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4. Repair, Reuse and Recycle

Before you start developing your garden, see if there’s anything you could possibly transform and upholster before disposing of it. Make an effort to repurpose items like reusing old doors as fencing, bricks as a pathway and even wallpaper as a disposable table runner.

It’s nice to have a relaxing, social outdoor space and it wouldn’t be the same without furniture, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Shop for new furniture on marketplaces, charity shops or end of season sales. Partner with a variety of thrifted accessories to add contrast and character. Sell or give away old garden accessories rather than putting them in landfill.

5. DIY Compost

If you have a large garden or several containers, ready-made compost can be pricey. Consider placing your kitchen and garden waste in a compost bin, turning it into organic matter which can be used to mulch garden borders, enhancing plant and vegetable growth. Making your own can return excellent results. It’s chemical-free, reduces garden waste and will save you money not having to purchase plant food or bagged compost.

6. Constructing Structure

Choosing large slow-growing plants like trees and shrubs to add structure and definition to your garden. Consider starting with one showstopping plant for quick impact, and slowly work around it when you can afford to. Another great budget garden idea that can spruce up fences and gates are climbers, which create a screen of beautiful blooms. Vertical-growing plants like Lobelia Starship Blue and Acanthus mollis add a spectacular living wall for any sized garden.

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7. Sale Shopping

Each week, Worfield Plants introduces new offers to its customers on the homepage, email newsletter and social media. Check them out each week to grab yourself a worthwhile bargain to introduce into your garden.

Happy Gardening!