Plant Pot Size Guide
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Plant Pot Size Guide

Here at Worfield, we use a variety of pot sizes to pot and sell our plants. We know that it can be hard to envisage the size of pots when written on our website. Luckily, this handy guide is here to help!

The good news is that our all of our plants, regardless of size, are established. This means they are garden-ready, and you can plant them as soon as you’re ready to get gardening (provided there is no frost on the ground).

We refer to the size of pots by their volume capacity in litres. The below graphic gives an approximate measurement of the most common pot sizes that we use – think of the ones you’d find in your local garden centre!

Please note: sizes are a guide only and may vary slightly depending on the shape of the pot.

1 Litre Pots:

Although these are the smallest pot size that we currently sell, they are still substantially larger than many online offerings. Measuring an approximate diameter of 13.5cm, they offer great value for money, especially if you have lots of beds and containers to fill. Our 1 litre pots are predominantly used for herbaceous varieties, which means that after a few weeks of good weather, you will be able to enjoy a handsome plant specimen, at a fraction of the cost. Phlox douglasii ‘White Admiral’ is a great example of a Litre Pot, a small but delightful addition to any garden.

1.5 Litre Pots:

1.5l pots are ideal for planting younger, more compact plants. Smaller perennials we sell in 1.5L pots include, Dianthus ‘Candy Floss’, Dierama erectum and Lavandula Beezee White.

2 Litre Pots:

Our 2 litre pots have an approximate diameter of 17cm. This popular pot size is used across all our categories, from grasses to potted bulbs to ferns, as it allows us to offer a diverse range of plants which will supply instant impact.

3 Litre Pots:

At Worfield, we use 3 litre pots to cater for the larger-boned perennials such as Rodgersias and Agapanthus, and woody stock such as shrubs. 3 litre pots are great for making an impact in their first year in your garden. These pots have an approximate diameter of 19cm.

5 Litre Pots:

5L pots are ideal for much larger plants with more root capacity. These bigger pots are best for filling space, making a huge impact. To view our category for 5L potted plants here, click here.

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Happy gardening!