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Geraniums In Focus: What’s Great About Groundcover?


This week we’re focusing on Groundcover Greats, specifically Geraniums. These perennials are incredibly popular with gardeners as they are extremely durable and easy to grow. Offering such a variety, your garden has the opportunity of avoiding dullness by laying down a carpet of vigorously coloured Geraniums flowering throughout summer.

Why Buy Geraniums?


Serving as the backbone of the garden, Geraniums bloom for months on end, with many flowering until Autumn when the foliage can transform into fiery orange colours. Trustworthy and dependable, these plants can be enjoyed across three seasons of the year and are great for beginners or those opting for a low-maintenance landscape.

Colour Combining

Grown in a rainbow of colours, different Geraniums can be planted together to create a unique tonal effect. They also look wonderful when combined with other bedding plants creating a performance of flower clusters sat above sculptured leaves.

Care Guide

Ideal for planting in beds and at the front of borders, Geraniums propagate best in full sun or partial shade when placed in most well-drained fertile soil. Until the plant has reached its full spread, occasional weed control is necessary until they eventually become smothered. If overcrowded clumps develop, they can be lifted and potted up, ensuring a stunning indoor display. After flowering, the plant can regrow outdoors.

Garden plants for groundcover

Groundcover Benefits

Environmental Effect

Groundcover provides a number of environmental benefits aside from being a sensible alternative to classic grass lawns. Producing a living mulch means the soil can remain cool and moist where rainwater can be absorbed, resulting in less maintenance and water usage as well as reducing erosion.

Painted with Pollinators

Particular to those decorated with blue and purple flowering, groundcover attracts pollinators such as bees and butterflies, creating habitats while adding to the attraction. These flowers are relied on for providing food for beneficial insects while avoiding harmful pests that may cause damage.

Other Groundcover Greats

A beautiful landscape can be created with groundcover plants, boasting low-growing spreads of problem-solving garden design. If you would like to browse a variety of groundcover offerings, a wide range is available here.

Popular groundcover plants

Happy Gardening!