Agapanthus plant
Genus Focus

Spotlight On: Agapanthus

Common name: African lily

Genus Overview

This gorgeous genus is very worthy of our spotlight this week. These perennial plants produce large clusters of funnel-shaped flowers, commonly in beautiful blue or white hues. They are happy growing in containers and have a stunning, striking appearance. There are a multitude of different varieties within this genus, ranging in height, colour and personality.

What Will Agapanthus Add To Your Garden?

A Dreamy Colour Palette

It goes without saying, but this variety brings aesthetic appeal in abundance. These sun-worshipping plants will provide big impact visuals if they’re given the tools they need: well-drained soil and plenty of sun. If you’re looking for a pure-white flower show that contrasts deep green foliage, try Agapanthus ‘Arctic Star’ or Agapanthus ‘Ever White’. If you’re after gentler blue hues, opt for Agapanthus ‘Sweet Surprise’ or Agapanthus ‘Jack’s Blue’.

Features of Agapanthus plant

A Pollinator Party

We are not the only species who will be drawn in by the charms of Agapanthus. Bees love these globes of flowers, aiding pollination processes. If you’re looking to create a wildlife haven in your garden, Agapanthus is a great step in the right direction.

Pollinator-Friendly Agapanthus

Care Guide

Use a full sun position and a well-drained soil. If you plant in a shady area, they’re less likely to flower to their full, impressive potential.

To help these varieties flower, make sure you are being consistent with your watering in growing season. If you neglect to water Agapanthus, this may stunt new bud development, and you will be left disappointed when they should be flowering the following year.

If you notice foliage starting to yellow, stop watering, and when the leaves die back, remove them.

Care Guide for Agapanthus Plant

Winter Care

Pay careful attention to your Agapanthus in winter – this is when they are vulnerable to problems.

For evergreen Agapanthus in winter, move indoors and ensure they are receiving plenty of light. Water sparingly during this time.

If you are caring for deciduous Agapanthus varieties in winter, keep an eye on them as they rest. These varieties do not require specific light levels.


Take care of your Agapanthus and enjoy relishing its delightful clusters of flowers.

Happy Gardening!