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Are Hebes Good To Grow? | All About Heavenly Hebes

Named after the Greek goddess of youth, Hebes bring fresh and vibrant year-round interest, pleasing gardeners with colourful evergreen foliage and attractive, long-lasting blooms. Diverse and easy to grow, you can’t go far wrong!

We’re delving into some of the most popular questions about Hebes, to discover more about this generous genus…

Are Hebes Evergreen?

Hebes are cherished evergreen shrubs. They provide valuable winter structure with colourful foliage that remains for the majority of the year.

Hebe rakaiensis - evergreen foliage for winter structure and interest

Are Hebe Plants Hardy?

New breeding is pushing the boundaries of hardiness, with our range classed as hardy – tolerating temperatures down to -10°C. Some Hebes (generally those with larger leaves) may be more tender, so it’s always worth checking as these would require extra protection from the winter frost.

Can Hebes be Grown in Pots?

While larger Hebes are well suited to positioning at the back of borders or for use as hedging, smaller, more compact varieties are ideal for growing in containers. These dwarf varieties have a neat habit that is a welcome addition to patios and towards the front of borders.

Can Hebes be Grown in Shade?

Hebe varieties thrive best in full sun to partial shade, so it’s best to avoid heavily shaded areas. They are ideally positioned in a sheltered spot for the best results. Tolerant of even poor soils, this versatile, easy to maintain genus will happily grow in pretty much any soil, providing it is free draining.

When do Hebes Flower?

Hebes delight with a long flowering season that decorates their foliage with pink, purple or white blooms in summer. Eager to please, the recognisable, bottlebrush-like flower spikes sometimes extend into late spring and the depths of autumn, too!

Hebe ‘Blue Star’ - When do hebes flower?

Some of our Favourites Hebe Varieties:

This splendid, spreading shrub graces the garden with vibrant violet-blue flowers from summer into autumn. Not only popular with gardeners, this Hebe has proven very popular with pollinators, too.

Hebe ‘Blue Gem’

Producing deep pink flowers in summer, ‘Marilyn Monroe’ adds a touch of excitement to sunny beds and borders. Its silver-grey foliage benefits from a splash of magenta pink as new growth emerges.

Hebe ‘Marilyn Monroe’

If you’re looking to add colour and variety to your containers or borders, look no further! This gorgeous variety features stunning tri-coloured foliage when the weather turns colder, while petite pink flowers bloom in late spring.

Hebe ‘Jewel of the Nile’

Spoilt for choice? Our experts have you covered! This clever concept features three Hebe varieties in one pot, combining ‘Champion’, ‘Albicans’ and ‘First Light’. A small garden dream, choose your favourite container and you’re good to go! Whether you position your pot on a patio, balcony or window box, this complementary mix offers maximum interest and enjoyment with a variety of flower colours and tactile foliage.

Heavenly Hebe Combo - ‘Hebe Champion’, Hebe ‘Albicans’ and Hebe ‘First Light’


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Happy gardening!