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Let’s Get Gardening: With The Kids

Are you looking for ways to keep the kids entertained over the summer holidays? Stimulate their curiosity and love for hands-on activities by introducing them to the world of gardening. Undertaking garden projects will teach children how to grow plants, develop decision-making skills and take responsibility whilst improving their mental and physical well-being. Perfect for children of all ages, here are some tips to inspire and educate you and your kids!

Colourful Containers

Container planting is a great first project and is suitable for any sized garden. You can DIY your own planters or decorate a pre-purchased one, think outside the pot! There is a huge variety of plants ideal for containers, take a look at our large range for inspiration. Allow the children to take ownership by choosing what they want to plant where and get them involved with assembling the bed and soil preparation. Although, if you are planting several plant types in one container, make sure they have the same soil, sunlight and water requirements.

For quicker results to keep the children entertained, consider planting fast-growing, low maintenance plants like Agapanthus, Geraniums or Buddleja. View our full range of low maintenance landscape additions here.

Sensory School

Creating a sensory garden is a perfect opportunity for children to explore stimulus and enhance sensory development.

Sight: Aim to plant a eye-catching kaleidoscope of colourful flowers and foliage that grow in different shapes and forms.

Touch: Allow the kids to explore different textures within the plants including the flower, stem and foliage as well as the soil. Sedum varieties are a great example of plants offering various textures.

Taste: Consider growing fruit and veg in the garden to teach children where their food comes from, and hopefully encourage them to eat healthy!

Smell: Fragrant flowers and shrubs are a great method to entice the interest of kids. A few of our favourites include Salvia ‘New Dimension Rose’, Iberis sempervirens ‘Whiteout’ and Nepeta nervosa Neptune.

Sound: Include plants that attract pollinators to not only invite a choir of sound but to teach the children about wildlife and insects. Create a buzz in your garden with our pollinator-friendly plants range.

Press Flowers

Collect your favourite brightly-coloured flowers and leaves, ensuring they are free of dew and rain, and leave them to dry. Children can then place the cut stems into a hard back book to press, which may take 2-4 weeks to complete. Pressed flowers can be used for things like bookmarks, placemats or anything else you can think of! This cut flower garden range has great examples of flowers perfect for decoration.

Remember to keep it simple, allow the children to take control, use kid-sized tools and keep in mind: gardening is fun, it’s not perfection.


Happy Planting!