Gardening Jobs

Easter Weekend Gardening Checklist

With spring in full swing, soon being able to meet your nearest and dearest in private gardens and the long Easter weekend drawing upon us, now is an egg-cellent time to hop to it and spruce up your garden. We have compiled a list of jobs that are ideal to carry out in the garden at this time…if you are looking for some inspiration over Easter!

1. Inject Spring Colour

Spring into action and add a cheery burst of colour to your garden:

  • Fill containers, beds and borders with plants that offer a delightful display of spring colour.
  • Use alpine plants in pots for low-maintenance interest that will brighten patios.

2. Create a Wildlife Haven

Create a buzz around your garden this spring! There are many ways insects and other wildlife can be encouraged into the garden, time and time again. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Plant single flowers – they are a magnet for pollinators!
  • Place a bird feeder in your garden.
  • Create a home for insects. Collect natural materials found within the garden such as logs and create a pile for insects to call their home.
  • Let your garden go wild! Consider leaving a section of your garden completely undisturbed and let nature take its cause. This also makes a great opportunity to grow wildflowers.
  • Ditch the pesticide.
  • Provide water for pollinators where they can easily drink from.
  • Looking for a larger project? A pond, no matter the size, can be a refuge for a whole host of wildlife.

 3. Maintain Your Green Space

Spring clean your garden! It’s the perfect time to get outside and tidy up your lawn and provide your plants with some TLC:

  • Mow established lawns regularly (in between the April showers!). Cut when the grass is dry, with the blades set high at the start of the season.
  • Keep weeds under control.
  • Prune early flowering shrubs after flowering, to stimulate fresh growth and more flowers next season.
  • Tie in new growth on climbers.
  • Keep containers well-watered, as they can dry out quickly.
  • Feed hungry shrubs and roses.

4. Grow Your Own Vegetables

Spring is the ideal time to begin sowing fruit and vegetable seeds for a tasty summer harvest, as the soil is warming, and daylight is increasing. Most are easy to grow and hardy. Even tender crops can be grown by beginners without a greenhouse, in seed trays to begin with on a bright windowsill.

  • Seeds to sew outdoors: beetroot, carrots, lettuce, radish and turnips.
  • Seeds to sew indoors until the danger of frost has passed: courgettes and tomatoes. Potatoes can even be grown by those who don’t have a garden, in a large pot or sack, which can later be used for leeks or salads.

5. Prepare for Summer

Get ahead of the game and prepare for summer, to ensure delightful displays all summer long.

  • Sow summer seeds and relish in the joy of growing and nurturing your own plants.


There is plenty to crack on with in the garden at this time of year!

Happy Easter!